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Why Do Only Certain People Become Successful

So, for me, like I said, you look at my life statistically, the average. I haven’t gone to college, so the average person who hasn’t gone to college makes less than the average person. I mean, the average person who has gone to college makes more than the person like me that dropped out, but I didn’t care about average.

I found outliers. Bill Gates, Einstein dropped out of high school for a little while, Richard Branson, all these … you know, there’s a long line of people that have done the same thing; Paul Allen. And I said, let me magnify something I’m lucky in.

And I’m a fairly social person, so most of my businesses have always been social in nature, and I just magnified that one area, forgot about the rest that I didn’t have quite as much luck in and we live in a time, where that’s all you need.

One big break, so. Read the book, “Outliers”. It’s really a good book. It’s one of the shorter Malcolm Gladwell ones. And you’ll find some other points in there.

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