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Why Do Only Certain People Become Successful

And he uncovers all kinds of amazing … I don’t know if it’s pure science, but for example, luck plays a big role, but not luck like you think. I’m talking about things like being born to a wealthier family.

On the other hand, there are other factors that can mitigate against being born. Let’s say you were born in poverty. I was born to a single mom, and so the odds somewhat are against you and examines the fine line between what we call luck, like being born into a rich family, Bill Gates’ kids or something, and then having opportunistic luck.

That’s what I call it. For example, if you’re born healthy. That’s lucky. But if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, then it’s all for nothing. I think some people think it’s black and white. They think that if you’re born unlucky, then you have no chance.

It’s not really that way. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body, you know, he became the most legendary bodybuilder of all time: he had the physique for it. But he had to grab the opportunity. Had he never worked out, he would have just been probably a kind of stocky dude.

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