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Why Do Only Certain People Become Successful

Today’s book of the day is “Outliers”. It’s an amazing book and my favorite by Malcolm Gladwell.

I remember being in Oslo, Norway looking out at the beautiful scenery when I was reading this book and was thinking and wondering why I like this book so much and I think it’s because it reinforces a thought I had. Whenever you have a thought on your own and then you read it somewhere, I think you like the book more.

And that is why do we as a society study averages so much? Because every scientific report you’ll see will be like, “The average person sleeps eight hours a day. The average person, who has a high paying job, went to college this many years.”

But forget about averages. What you wanna do is study the outliers, and that’s why the book is called Outliers. What do exceptional people do differently? You study average, you end up with average. So, in the book, he studies you know, top rags to riches stories, lawyers, he studies a guy who has the highest IQ in the world, but didn’t get far, or probably as far as he should have, didn’t reach his potential.

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