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What’s the greatest superpower you can have

I was reminded for some reason this morning when I woke up about this poem I read. It’s a 2000-3000-year-old poem and it said:

“Who is mighty?”

And the answer was…

“The person who has control over their own mind.”

You and I are constantly facing new challenges every day. Thinking about things like how to make money, or the food we eat, how to stay healthy, or how to maintain social relationships. And if you’re not careful your mind can race all the time. It’ll be full of fear.


I was talking with my friends and we were talking about what one of the great tools you can possess as a human. It’s pretty clear. The best thing you can have is mind control.

Everyone I meet, whether they’re people I meet that are rich, people that are poor, people that are ripped with a six-pack, or people that are fat, whatever they are, nobody is as impressive as people that I meet with tremendous brain control.

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