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The First Rule Of Marketing Online

Whatever big business idea you have in life… your number one obstacle is going to be marketing.

Humans have a natural aversion to anything new.

That’s why brands like Coca-Cola keep winning because if you come up with a new soda, nobody will trust it unless it’s proven to win over and over.

So, marketing becomes the key to anything. No matter how great your idea is whether you’re an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, a musician, or a business owner, a restaurant owner, or whatever it is, you have to be able to acquire clients or customers and keep them happy.

Here’s the #1 rule that everyone forgets.

Don’t market narcissistically.

What I mean by that is, don’t market something that only you’re interested in.

And I know that sounds so obvious. But not really.

People don’t really know about the extent to which I’m talking about when it comes to this.

So let’s take an example.

I saw the other day this mattress commercial. Have you ever seen one of these? They usually run late at night on TV.

So this mattress commercial features the owner and he’s not very good at public speaking and he’s not very flashy or charismatic or anything like that. He was just there talking about why you should buy a mattress from him.

And I was thinking, “Dude, nobody really wants to see you. Why not instead of being in front of the camera, go behind the scenes and do something else?”

You don’t see the CEO of Coca-Cola in any of their commercials.

Now, there is a time when you should be on camera. If you’re good at talking and you’re good at public speaking, then that’d be a great way to market your business.

I’m just using this mattress company owner as an example of what not to do. He probably did all of his own marketing himself. And at the end of the day if you’re doing all of your marketing by yourself, then you’re going to be broke. Period.

The Story Behind “Here In My Garage”

So how do you get into the minds of people? That’s what it really boils down to.

I’ll tell you the simplest way to get into the minds of potential customers is to do rapid experimenting.

Rapid, rapid, rapid.

You know, you might’ve seen a couple of my YouTube videos and some of them went viral. I just checked the stats recently and in a single year we passed 540 million minutes watched. They actually told me it was a lot compared to others, but they wouldn’t tell me if it was the most. But still, that’s a lot of minutes watched.

That’s half a billion minutes watched, not just views. These are actual eyeballs watching my videos to see what I have to say. Part of it is strategic paid advertising, but the other part of it is virality.

But I didn’t just start with millions of minutes viewed.

It all started with 1 view.

Actually, when I did one of my very first videos a long time ago it wasn’t a big hit. Even though it featured my friend Jeremy, and I, and a Lamborghini, it didn’t do as well as I’d thought it was going to bebecause of a lack of persuasion.

It had only gotten about 100,000 views versus my most viral video of about 100 million views.

I shot that first video that did not go viral. Then I took a break, went to Paris for New Years. When I came back, I just thought, “Well, let’s just keep experimenting and let’s try to get inside the minds of people, instead of just presupposing what I thought I knew about customer’s minds…”

So I just started rapid experimentation.

I started recording 20-30 more videos and one of those videos ended up being one of my most viral videos… my “Here In My Garage” video, which has been kind of the beginning of many of my social media videos that I did. It’s hard to say how many people ended up viewing that video. Maybe 100 million people globally. Probably a lot more, but I’ll be more conservative and leave it at that.

So that all came from rapid experimentation. All those experiments happened within the span of just 2 months.

So, if you can experiment, then you won’t build this selfish, narcissistic marketing that just doesn’t work. Next time you watch TV, you’ll see what I mean. Commercials like these just run all day long, but there will be a few commercials you see that will catch your attention.

If you learn this, you can find out easily what works and what doesn’t work. The only downside is that you’ll literally be doing trial and error over and over until you find something that works.

Over years and years of experience and millions of dollars of spending in marketing and advertising, I’ve been able to take brands from scratch and scale them to 7-figure and 8-figure businesses.

And now, I’m sharing that knowledge with people all over the country at my Millionaire Bootcamps.

I’ve hosted a couple this year and now I’m having one less than a week away in San Diego on Thursday, May 16th, 2019.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely come out if you want to learn more about how to improve marketing in your business. Trust me, everyone could use a little help with their marketing.

Here are some of the things we’ll be talking about:

  • How to set up an ecommerce business from scratch
  • How to test business ideas on a budget
  • How to build and scale your agency
  • How to set up a phone sales team
  • How to get a MVP online ASAP
  • How to catch trends that have the highest profit margins
  • How to launch ads using Facebook, Google, and Snapchat
  • How to use polls to research your target market
  • How to find investors to invest in your company
  • How to hire staff, outsource, and manage a team
  • How to use video advertising to stand out
  • And much more…

This isn’t an event for everybody, though.

Our Millionaire Mentor Bootcamps are for you if:

  • You have a brand new concept you want to launch
  • You already have a business and want to scale
  • You’re stuck at 6 figures and want to reach a million


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