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Learn the skill that created the most millionaires

How would you like to make it so that every first week of the month, you’re getting money inside your bank account and not losing money from it?

It sounds like a dream, but you can make it a reality by becoming a student of this industry.

I talk about this a lot. In fact, I mention it so much on my social media, I’m surprised people still get it wrong whenever I ask:

“What opportunity has created the most self-made millionaires in the United States?”

It’s real estate.

Real estate is one of the most stable forms of passive income you can get. I’ve told you how important passive income is for building wealth.

And it’s one of the only investments you can do with bad credit and little money. More on this in a bit.

So I’m gonna teach you 4 foundations you need to understand in order to start doing real estate deals. We’ll start with…

#1: Leverage

Leverage is the concept of using other people’s resources to make a deal happen. This is how you can start doing real estate deals with less than $100 in your bank account.

Leverage depends on a lot of things like collateral debt, banker debt and most importantly, credit score.

But once you know how use leverage to your advantage, it’s like spawning money out of thin air with a snap of a finger.

For example, say there’s a house that’s on the market for $150,000, but you know you can get $200,000 for it. The only problem is, you have $100 in your bank account, so what do you do?

Well luckily for you there’s people with money out there looking to do deals, but don’t have time to look for them. These are people like hard lenders or bankers.

So you go to them with this opportunity and get them to provide the capital to make the deal happen. You’ll need some negotiation and persuasion skills, more on this in a minute.

In return, they’ll usually take an equity stake or interest on the deal. So say you end up paying back $160,000 to the lender…but if you sold the house for $200,000 — you take home $40,000.

And what was your cost for this deal? $0.

So that leads to the part most people get stuck on…

#2: Types

Most people say they want to get into real estate, but that’s nothing more than a general statement.

What they’re really saying is, “I don’t know where to begin.” And it’s because there’s many types of real estate.

There’s land, flips, rental, multi-family, commercial and wholesaling. That’s only a few types of real estate investments you can do.

The key is to start with one and get good at it. Then you can start doing other types.

Now to get these deals done in the first place you need…

#3 Negotiation and Sales

You need to be a strong negotiator and expert at persuasion.

There’s 99.9% chance you’ll be doing some type of negotiation in all these deals so become a student and learn it.

If you have a situation where there’s a good deal on the table, but the other party doesn’t see it that way…It’s your job to persuade that person to take the deal.

And if you want to use leverage to your advantage, you better be ready to start negotiating.

That leads to the last foundation to become successful at real estate investing…

#4: Marketing

You need to be a master at marketing. There’s new rules to the real estate game.

Companies like Zillow are changing the way properties are found. And by being a master at marketing you can use strategies to find “off-market” deals…

These are deals that no one else knows about besides you and the seller. No competition.

Now you understand what it takes to be successful at real estate investing.

But I have to make a disclaimer…

As amazing as an opportunity real estate is…you can lose money. Nothing is guaranteed.

The only way you can prevent this is by getting the right training. Learn from the best.

And this is the opportunity I’m giving you inside my Real Estate Mentor program.

I have people like Cole Hatter teaching you. He went from broke, nearly paralyzed in a wheelchair to a self-made millionaire in Real Estate.

At this point, he’s done over $100 million dollars in deals altogether.

He’s going to be teaching you things like:

-The One Calculation You MUST Do Before Closing a Wholesale Deal to Avoid Losing Tens of Thousands of Dollars…

-The Three Types of Creative Financing That Will Guarantee You Raise the Capital You Need For a Deal (hint: it requires $0 from you)

-How to Create Your Own Secret Team of “Bird-Dogs” to Find Hot Deals On The Market For You Before Your Competitors Even Notice…

-How to Speak the Language of Cash Buyers So You Can Close The Deal On the Spot (Cash buyers know if they want to do a deal in less than 15 minute?)

-Why You Should NEVER Own a House in Your Own Name…Even the Home You’re Currently Living In…

And much, much more. These are a few lessons you must know to avoid ending your real estate career before you start building the momentum for wealth.

In the next 24 hours you have an opportunity to get inside my Real Estate Mentor Program for a fraction of the cost…


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