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How to stay motivated (last day to save 82%)

I’m going to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Conference in Omaha in May and will be attending EvolveCon 2.0 for entrepreneurs in town for the weekend hosted by my friend Patrick Tucker.

If you grab an early bird ,you can get the opportunity to meet me and the other world class speakers who will also be in attendance along with a free ticket to the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Conference.


Today, I’m wrapping up the Business Bundle sale.

If you’ve been procrastinating with starting your next (or first) business, here’s some simple advice:

Stop focusing on the work you have to do (the pain) and instead, think about the goal of why you’re doing it (your rewards).

Most people allow negativity, of what hasn’t even happened yet, stop them from getting started.

Of course there’s pain associated with starting a business, such as:

  • It takes up your time
  • There’s no guarantee your plans will work
  • You’re required to learn new things

But if the pain is ALL you focus on, you’ll lose motivation.

Don’t forget to think about the rewards.

For example, when starting a business, imagine what your life will be like when you:

  • Wake up without an alarm clock
  • Take a vacation to anywhere in the world
  • Don’t have a boss or manager telling you what to do
  • Are a stronger provider for your family
  • The freedom to surround yourself with people you like
  • Have the financial security and comfort of knowing you’ll be ready to handle any upcoming expenses
  • Treat yourself to something new

Mark Cuban told me when he was poor, he’d drive around affluent parts of Dallas, Texas, using the mansions and luxury cars as motivation.

It doesn’t have to all be about materialistic things.

Everyone has their own desired rewards, it’s up to you to figure out yours.

Once and only when you have your rewards to motivate you, it’s time to put it to use!

For help with how to do just that, I’ve created and bundled a collection of four business plans — that require no degree or experience to get started.

If you want to save 82% on the entire collection (or get a discount on individual programs).

Not sure what’s going on with the Business Bundle?

That’s OKAY.

Here’s a recap for you:

  • Last week, I put together a collection of business plans to help beginners. Each of the plans doesn’t require a lot of capital to start (less than 100 bucks in most cases) and some can even be started for free.
  • The business plans can all be learned online, at your own pace. The instructors in each program are qualified to teach; my team and I have verified their content and results.
  • As a special way of introducing the Business Bundle to the world, I dropped the price by 82% for one week. That’s a huge savings worth thousands of dollars, if you decide to purchase all four business plans.
  • In addition to saving on the purchase of all four programs, I also discounted the programs one by one. This is great for you if you’re only interested in investing in one or two of the programs.
  • As of today, there are only 24 hours left on the sale. Once the clock strikes midnight all the programs go back to their regular price.

If you’ve already decided the Business Bundle isn’t for you, that’s cool.

I still appreciate your time, and your patience, while I remind everyone who’s interested to take advantage while there’s still time.


Stay Strong,






***Tai is a professional internet marketer. His success, and the income possibilities mentioned by his students, are not typical and are not a guarantee you will make money. You could make more, less, or none at all.***

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