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How to double your willpower

If there was a switch in your brain that automatically doubled your willpower – your health, wealth, love, and happiness would basically skyrocket overnight.

It’s that simple.

Today’s Book-Of-The-Day “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” by Roy F. Baumeister is amazing.

I’m about to put it into my Top 150 best books list!

It says, “When psychologists isolate the personal qualities that predict “positive outcomes” in life, they consistently find two traits: intelligence and self-control. So far researchers still haven’t learned how to permanently increase intelligence. But they have discovered, or at least rediscovered, how to improve self-control.”

Everyone focuses on intelligence. The problem is, you can’t change your IQ easily.

But self-control and willpower (what scientists call “self-regulation) are like muscles – they can get stronger over time.

One insight into increasing your willpower level: “What stress really does, is deplete willpower, which diminishes your ability to control those emotions.”

So cut stress like your life depended on it and watch your willpower effortlessly increase.

Stay Strong,

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