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98% of entrepreneurs don’t realize this

This Article may be controversial for some people — especially within the entrepreneurial community. But because it’s what I believe, I’m giving it to you straight.

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of people taking too much pride in becoming an entrepreneur. I’m NOT saying entrepreneurship is bad. It’s just that few people understand being an entrepreneur is like a tool — it’s something you use that’s a means to an end.

It’s ridiculous to dedicate your life to a tool. It’s basically like being a carpenter who strives to hold a hammer. Carpenters aren’t paid to hold hammers. No. The actual tool is what helps you achieve an objective.

Another fact to consider — things change with time. Hypothetically speaking, in the future entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk may be irrelevant — and society will use some type of collective intelligence instead.

Joel Salatin, my first mentor, told me that the worst thing in life is getting old and realizing you got good at the WRONG thing. A great way to determine if you’ve chosen the right thing is to ask yourself:

“Would I trade lives with this person?”

There are very few people I meet that I’d trade lives with. That’s not meant to make me sound like I’m smarter or that they’re not good people — because that’s not cool. I use the question to optimize my lifestyle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of someone who doesn’t build his life around just one thing. He made gyms popular, bettering society and millions of people around the world. He also became a self-made millionaire before turning 30 and in addition to that, a well-known actor and then a governor.

There are a lot of people focusing on “gaining wealth” or “building muscle”, but very few understand the importance of living a well-balanced life. If you’re not taking care of these four areas — health, wealth, love, and happiness — when making decisions, you should strongly reconsider your choices.

What living a balanced life means varies from person to person, of course. But all things considered, here’s one thing to strive for: being relatively lean with your body fat. Being lean is more about health; it’s also about balancing your hormones (i.e., your levels of happiness).

I don’t care if someone’s a billionaire — if they’re unhealthy, you shouldn’t consider trading lives with them. Let them make their money and be so out of shape they lay in bed all day.

Like I said, some people will disagree with today’s email. But like another one of my mentors, Alan Nations, told me: “The best advice is that which no one will listen to.” They won’t pay attention to it because it contradicts with what society tells you to think.

Most people you’ll meet throughout life won’t have your back. That’s just the law of the jungle. Evolutionary psychologists say, during your lifetime, there’s only about 150 people who’ll actually be there for you. These people will be spread around the world and you don’t know when you’ll meet them.

No matter where you’re at right now, I’d like to become one of those people. I’ve leveraged all my resources — such as my experience, network, and staff — to create a series of practical lessons for starting a business.

If you invest in the limited deal, I urge you to watch the lessons and follow through with the training. You’ll literally have some of the most-successful people I know teach you what they do.

For the right person — someone who understands entrepreneurship is a means to an end…


Stay Strong,



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