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6 Top Giant Panda Movies, Documentaries, and Publications

2. Born in China — Documentary Movie

Born in China is a documentary movie that focuses more on storytelling. The three main protagonists of this movie are a giant panda, a snow leopard, and a golden snub-nosed monkey. All of them are on China’s national level animal protection list. In this movie, you have the chance to see videos that took 18 months to film.

In the panda part, Born in China tells the story of mother panda Yaya and baby panda Meimei.

Meimei is a panda cub of 6 months old. As she grows up, she is more and more curious about the world outside, but her mother Yaya doesn’t think she is ready. Yaya spoils Meimei so much that she can’t let her daughter take risks. But when meimei grows older, the day finally comes when Meimei leaves her mother for an independent life.

Panda cubs in the zoo
Panda cubs

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