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6 Top Giant Panda Movies, Documentaries, and Publications

This article lists some of the top media out there to learn about giant pandas, and even prepare you for a trip to China to see them: one movie series, three documentaries, a biography, and a magazine (all on YouTube/Amazon).

1. The Kung Fu Panda Series — Animated Movies

 Kung Fu Panda - the most popular Giant Panda Movie
Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is a series of three animations made by Dream Works Animation, describing the story of a panda who longs to learn kung fu. He is chosen by a master to be trained to become the Dragon Warrior to protect the Valley of Peace.

The stories are set in ancient China. With the strong Chinese characteristics in the panda habitat scenery, clothing, and even food, it is a great movie for beginners who want to learn more about pandas and Chinese culture.

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