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4 strategies for intelligent investing (what millionaires do)

4. Set An Investment Target

Without an investment target, you’re in big trouble. Similar to a Master Plan, an investment target helps you set a strategy in advance. What is an investment target? It’s choosing what to invest in, based on these 3 criteria:

  • What you’re interested in (when you’re not working)
  • What you have 5-10 years of experience in
  • Current trends

The problem a lot of people have with investing is choosing what to invest in. Having too many options is called The Paradox of Choice. If you stick to finding an investment opportunity based on the 3 things I mentioned, you’ll end up with a small number of choices.

I hope you had at least one “ah-ha!” moment from these 4 strategies. They may seem too simple, but that’s because most of the stuff that works isn’t that complicated.

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