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3 New Rules for Marketing in 2019

The one question I get asked the most: Tai, what do I need to be successful?”

It’s a multiple part answer.

I call it the the Four Fundamentals of Success.

If you want to be successful, if you want to make money, or to start you own business, you’re going to have to master the Four Fundamentals.

If you get this down, there’s nothing stopping you.

1. Diligence and working hard

But, just working hard is not everything. If you look at a successful person, only 25% of where they are is from hard work. Now, every successful person is hardworking, but hard work alone didn’t get them there.

2. Organization

Some people just work hard, but they work in a disorganized manner. They have no routine, they have no schedule. They have no thought. They have no pre-planning. And guess what? All the hard work in the world won’t make up for a bad plan. Make a daily routine. Start planning further and further ahead.

3. Perfectionism

Perfectionism means ability to double-check your work, because the odds are, your first try won’t be that good.

4. Prudence

That’s the ability to be street smart and make the right decision at the right time.

Aristotle said, “It’s not enough to just be angry. You have to be angry at the right time, at the right person, for the right reason, for the right duration.”

You have to be able to adapt constantly. You’ve gotta know how good your hand is, and think hard before you make your bets.

These Four Fundamentals need to be balanced too. In order to be successful, it takes 25% of each Fundamental.

Now I know you might not want to hear this. But it’s the truth. Every single successful person, like highly successful people especially, have mastered these traits.

What fundamental do you need to work on?

Stay Strong.

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